Almost Ready – Check Seats Feature on Movreak
May 27, 2010
Ketidaktersediaan Fitur Check Seats pada Movreak v2.0
July 9, 2010
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Movreak v1.5

Hi Movreak users,

We do apologize just update here. Lately, our team has been very focus in developing Movreak update for iOS4.

To answer most users’ concern, t’s true that Movreak can’t be opened in iOS4. That’s caused by changes internally in iOS4.  There’re a lot of API changes in it. The user interfaces those are fine in iOS3, become scattered in iOS4.

But don’t worry, we’ll release the update within this week. Not only bugs fix, there are also new features and complete make over to user interfaces.

To prove you that the features have been developed, here’s the screenshots posted to YouTube.

It’s in heavy testing now. Hopefully everything goes smooth and the update will be available in no time.

Movreak v1.5

Thank you all for your patience.


  1. Rahar_d says:

    Movreak 2.0 sudah ada di upstore dan sudah saya coba tp masih ada bugs yg mengganggu. Setiap buka movie detail, app akan crash dan keluar dgn sendirinya. Untuk tab lain, movie schedule etc masih bisa dipakai dengan normal. Tolong diperbaiki, thanks
    Saran: integrasi dengan blitzcard biar makin oke

  2. andri says:

    Rahar_d, thanks atas laporannya. Kami sudah cek.
    Sementara kami belum menemukan bug tersebut, tapi akan tetap dicek terus.

    Untuk integrasi dengan blitz system dan blitzcard, masih kami perjuangkan. Mudah2an lancar…Doain ya :)

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