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July 9, 2010
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July 12, 2010
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Welcome to Movreak

SparxUp 2010 Winner - Best Mobile Category

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Download Movreak 1.1 from Ovi

Movreak or Movie Freak is a social network-based mobile app around movies and cinemas. It’s all about viewing and sharing movie information, showtime, and seat plan, share your movie reviews and watchings, and share them all with email, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook.

Movreak is what movie freaks need. You can use it to view and share movies’ show time and place. You can browse now-playing movies, check the show time & places, and share to your friends by email or SMS, or tweet it to Twitter. Or rather, if you’re stuccoed in a place where there’s a theater nearby and you want to kill time by watching any movies there, then you simply just browse what movies are playing in that theater. Still, you have a chance to bring along your friends to watch the movie with you, by sharing the showtime to them.
Available on the Blackberry World

There is a feature called User Reviews, where Movreak-ers can say anything about the movies they watched and give thumbs up or down. The reviews are honest opinions, not some crappy marketing reviews, so make sure you check User Reviews before watching a movie.

Current version of Movreak supports data for Indonesia, Singapore, and some areas in Malaysia. In Indonesia, it’s hard to check daily movie schedule from all cinemas, there is no single dedicated website/portal for such information. Movreak will be your only source of movie and schedule information for all cinemas, both 21 Cineplex and Blitz Megaplex. More countries and cities are coming up in the next version.
Available on the Google Play Store

Introducing our latest masterpiece, Movreak Remake for Blackberry 10, Movreak for Android, and Movreak Remake for iOS. As for Windows Phone, it is preloaded on Nokia Lumia for Indonesia market as announced here. So, if you buy a new Nokia Lumia device in Indonesia, you don’t need to download Movreak as it’s already available on your Lumia.

We work really hard to make Movreak app has simple UIs, intuitive, easy to use, yet still pay attention to aesthetics. Here’re some screenshots.

Some key features of this version:

  • Now Playing. Display the list of movies are currently playing in selected city, no matter where they are played
  • Theater. Display the list of theaters in selected city.
  • User Reviews: dedicated tab for it. Now you can delete your comments, and reply/respond others’ comments. Also you can post your review to Twitter.
  • Setting. Ability to change City (among other things), will instantly change now playing and theater list and show time.
  • Post to Twitter from (almost) any pages
  • (Almost) everything is copy-able, movie name, movie detail, theater, schedule, etc.
  • Multi language: English and Bahasa
  • More than 34 supported cities in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia: view complete list
  • In-app SMS and email to share schedule with your friends, directly from Movreak, without exit the app.
  • Daily local cache. Movie and schedule data will be stored in device on daily basis. So, you don’t have to download the data from internet each time you open Movreak.
  • Embedded web browser. So you can click a hyperlink in movie detail or view trailers via embedded web browser, without have to exit Movreak.

iOS specific features:

  • Multitasking, movie schedules can be downloaded in the background (an experimental feature)
  • Add to Calendar, add your plan to watch movies to your calendar, directly from Movreak
  • In-app SMS, to share schedule
  • Popular Movies, see the most watched movies

View description in Bahasa Indonesia

Cloud services provided by:

Infinys Cloud

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