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Release Notes v2.1

What’s New in Movreak 2.1

This version contains a huge features update. Some of them are:

iPhone 4 retina display support. That’s why this version has a big file size (7.2MB), most of the files are images for the new retina display.

Facebook: deep integration with Facebook

  • Share review, status, watching plan, showtimes to FB
  • Create event for ‘nonton bareng’ or ‘nongkrong bareng’ and invite friends


  • Checkin directly from Movreak. You can use Movreak to check-in to any places you are right now, without having to use Foursquare app.
  • View theater’s nearby places, so you can spend time before/after watching movie

Now Playing:

  • Now you can view movies and showtimes not only for today, but for next or previous day, only for blitzmegaplex movies.
  • View people’s tweets about a movie.

User Review:

  • Now you can “like” a review
  • In-reply box can be expanded to view full content of replied review.

Movie Details:

  • Now you view movie poster in full screen by clicking to movie poster on Movie Details page
  • Better synopsis appearance. Previously, you have to scroll down for long synsopsis, now you can expand/collapse it as needed.


  • On theater list, rotate your device and you can view a map contains theaters’ location

Theater Details: Theater detail UI is revamped. Now, you can:

  • View nearby places. So you know where you want to spend time before or after watching movie, and even check-in there
  • View map, to view a theater’s location on a map and find a route/direction to there from current location
  • View nearby tweets.

Watching plan

  • Add your watching plan and share it
  • View who’s planning or currently watching a movie
  • Manage movies you’re about to watch or already watched. So, you won’t watch it twice :)

View this video to check Movreak v2.1 in action.

Known Issues

to Facebook:

Sign-in to Facebook using 3G/EGDE/GPRS internet connection might be failed, while using WIFI connection is just fine. So far we only tested using Telkomsel 3G, so we don’t know whether the issue happens on another 3G provider. You can try to access from iPhone’s Safari web browser, and try to sign-in, it will be failed too. So, it’s not Movreak’s bugs.

To overcome that problem, the easiest way is sign-in first using WIFI connection. We’ll cover the complete solution in a separate blog post. Please contact us for further information at: movreak at dycode dot com.


  1. Orangeblewah says:

    Untuk sign in facebook gunakan VPN.

  2. Vie says:

    Really nice finally i have this movreak on my iphone.

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