Movreak for Symbian Finally Arrives

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January 17, 2011
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April 26, 2011
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Movreak for Symbian Finally Arrives

After 2 months development, spending more than 400 working hours, tons of coffee and packs of cigarettes, Movreak 1.0 for Symbian^3 finally arrives. Symbian OS introduces certain challenges for us to create a great user experience app, but we finally managed to tweak and fine tune Movreak for Symbian, so it can match its sibling, Movreak for iOS.

Movreak for Symbian introduces a new UI elements, a new Home among other things. Some UI elements are neon-based, inspired by Tron movie. Some backgrounds is in Batik pattern, considering this app is 100% Indonesia app, created by 100% Indonesian developers & company.


Let’s walkthrough some awesome features.

Now Playing

Unlike its sibling – Movreak for iOS, Movreak for Symbian introduces a list-based Now Playing, beside thumbnail-based. By that list-based UI, you can quickly grab the info about a movie.

Now Playing Now Playing - List


Like iOS version, showtimes are displayed in clock button, only cooler. Pressing a clock button of a showtime, you can share that showtime to Twitter.

Showtime Share to Twitter

Check Seats

One of flagship features in Movreak for iOS is Check Seats, that allows you to view available seats for specified movie and showtime. That feature is also available in Movreak for Symbian. Simply, press a clock button in showtime, you’ll have an option to view available seats. Note, currently that feature only available for blitzmegaplex theaters.


And more… To enjoy all features, simply logon to Ovi Store and download it. Or go direcly to this URL:
For now, Movreak for Symbian only available for Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8, C7, and E7).

We realize that Movreak for Symbian features are still not as complete as its iOS version, but we’re working on it. Beside the challenges we encounter during development in Symbian OS, we want Movreak is enjoyable as soon as possible by Symbian users, at least for its primary features. Just stay tune for more features.

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