Movreak is Preloaded on Nokia Lumia

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October 6, 2011
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April 26, 2012
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Movreak is Preloaded on Nokia Lumia

As you might read on media that long-awaited Windows Phone-based Nokia phones, Lumia, was finally launched in Indonesia on Feb 17, 2012. The news were all over the net, such as on DailySocial, Jakarta Post, X-Phones, or Nokia Indonesia website, and it created certain hype on the Twitter. Good luck for Lumia!

One thing that Movreak team is really excited about is that Movreak app for Windows Phone is preloaded on Lumia devices for Indonesia market. That’s super awesome considering it’s very very hard to get preloaded on well-known devices like Nokia’s. We are really thankful to anybody who made it possible, especially Movreak team who have been creating awesome Movreak apps, especially the WP version one, and off course Nokia Indonesia team for the great supports all this time.

The journey to preload was very intense, as Nokia is very strict about the quality of to-be-preloaded apps. It took months from the initial discussion, legal stuffs, actual testings and fixings. To be honest, it’s kinda stressful process and we’re ever told that Movreak app might not make it to preload due to time limitation. It’s understandable since the quality control enforced by Nokia is super strict, much harder than Windows Phone Marketplace as the legitimate way to distribute Windows Phone apps. But here we are, we made it.

If you buy a new Lumia 800 device for Indonesia market, you will find this home screen as soon as your device is booted up for the first time. You can spot on Movreak logo, can’t you? :)

Movreak on Lumia

Preloaded Movreak version is exactly the same as the latest Movreak (version 1.3) on Windows Phone Marketplace here. So, if you don’t buy Lumia in Indonesia, or you have another WP device, you can still download Movreak directly from Marketplace.

Movreak is not alone on this preload thing, 2 other apps: Planetix and DailySocial are also preloaded. The all three apps are made by Indonesian developers. That should tell us much about how good Indonesia-made apps (that’s why they’re qualified to be preloaded), and how great Nokia’s support for local developers.

There is a specific thread on Kaskus discussing about this Lumia thing and the apps. We can discuss there.


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