12-12-12 12:12 Movreak for Android

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12-12-12 12:12 Movreak for Android

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Movreak for Android launched in 12-12-12 promptly at 12:12.
Movreak for Android was even launched, but already has the look of the latest Movreak UI update which will be released for other platforms. First used on Movreak for Android.

Movreak dedicated for movie freaks. It’s all about movies & cinemas. This mobile apps currently available for iOS, Symbian^3, BB, WP7, Windows8, Meego, Asha FT, and of course, Android.

Movreak for Android currently is up to version 0.4.0. On this version, in addition to the features that already exist in other platform, users now can give a review on the film, not only for movies being aired at the time, but also to movies that already/not showed in theaters at the time. Review format also changed from the previous application on another platform. There’s a new filtering feature, yet still in development.

This application can be downloaded at Google Play

Here are some Movreak for Android’s screenshots:

Splash screen

Splash Screen

3 Now Playing List

Now Playing

4 Movie Showtimes

Show Times

5 Movie Detail

Movie Detail

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