NoBar 3Sum with Moviegoers Bandung

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NoBar 3Sum with Moviegoers Bandung

On February 2nd, Movreak with Moviegoers Bandung organized an event called “NoBar 3Sum (Nonton Bareng film 3Sum).” The event was more than watch “3Sum” movie together, there is also a meet, greet, and discussion with the 3Sum movie’s casts and crews.


Here are some pictures:



Movreak Team and Moviegoers Bandung


With 3Sum movie’s Casts & Crews




Meet and greet the 3Sum’s casts & crew


Meet and greet – 3Sum’s casts & crew

One of interesting things happened during the discussion, when a participant asked about the goof in the 3Sum movie (the appearance of the iPhone device on the ‘five years ago’ scene), the 3Sum party responded by acknowledging that there are some other goofs in the movie. Eventually, this matter discussed with a light and humorous. Oh, it was a great day indeed.

So, see you at our next event. :)

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