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June 24, 2013
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July 19, 2013
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Movreak Remake!

This is the day I’ve been waiting for 2 years. After spending uncountable gigawatts of brain energy, barrels of coffee, packs of cigarettes, shedding tear and sweat, Movreak for iOS v3.0, dubbed as Movreak Remake is finally on the AppStore.

Like every great movies of our time, “Man of Steel”, “War of The World”, “True Grit”, there are remakes. Movreak has been a great app around movies and cinemas. It is made in 2009 and first released in 2010. It was originally developed based on the first iOS SDK (iPhone SDK at that time). It carried over old codes between versions. The user interface design, even it was appealing and praised by the users at that time (especially for v2), it became more and more obsolete over time as the world was more addicted to flat design lately. Frustrating to deal with old codes and trying to refine the design, we finally decide remake it.

When I say “remake”, it means we literally open the Xcode (iOS app development tool) and create new project. Our designer also did File –> New File on Photoshop. Why do we did such thing? It seems we’re wasted our effort for creating previous versions. Some say, sometime thing should be destroyed first in order to be fixed. That’s exactly what we did, with one goal in mind, to build the most awesome Movreak yet. This new Movreak Remake for iOS will become the foundation for upcoming versions and being reference for Movreak app on other platforms. Please expect updates for Movreak on other platforms soon.

With this remake, we defy the common belief that app or software in general should not be rewritten. There’s even a blog post about “Why you should NEVER rewrite your code“. We prove that you can or even you should rewrite your code. All you need is love and determination to achieve the goal. All great software need to rewrite. Before releasing Mac OS X, Apple rewrote/rebuilt Mac OS instead of building on top of Mac OS 9 legacy code.

As users, what do you get from this remake? For sure you’ll get latest and fresh flat user interface design, free from old UI elements. You’ll also the faster, better, more consistent, and much more features. Faster is still arguable for old (iPhone 3G or 4) devices as we can’t do much for now, but don’t worry or feel left behind, we’ll revisit the code to optimise for those devices. Remaking or rebuilding means the code is based on the latest iOS SDK that we hope it will withstand upcoming iOS releases. We’ve tested Movreak Remake on iOS 7 beta 1 and it run just fine. However, that doesn’t mean we will abandon Movreak again for long time like we did for v2. In fact, we’re working on v3.1 right now for more awesome features.

More details about new features and improvements in this version are written clearly on App Store’s description. We’ll publish series of posts to discuss each key features in more details here and our Twitter stream. Like every human creation, software is impossible without bugs. Instead of getting angry about bug or crash and write about them anywhere, why don’t directly tell us by emailing to crew@movreak.com or mention us on Twitter handle @movreak. Only by that we will know and we can do something to fix it.

At last, please enjoy the Movreak Remake. You deserve it. Thank you so much for your patience and supports all this time. That’s the only thing that kept us going forward. We love you, Vreaks!

I also want to thank very much to all great people behind Movreak. We’re a great team!

Best regards,

Andri Yadi

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