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August 14, 2013
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September 19, 2013
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Movreak (Free) Updated to v3.2

After releasing Movreak Remake and announced here, today is another day that I’ve been waiting for the last  2 years. Finally, Movreak free version for iOS gets updated to v3.2! Get it on the App Store.

Following the footstep of its sibling, Movreak Remake, this Movreak free is also remake version. We rebuilt it from ground-up and refresh the design like you’ve never seen before. It has the same features as Movreak Remake, and even more. It’s definitely the most awesome Movreak yet!

Due to our more focus to Movreak Remake before, the release of this Movreak free is little bit late. To make it up to you, we put more features in this version. One of the features is a brand new “News”, that allows you to read and share latest news around movies and celebrities. You can view and share posters and photos in the news, and even watch trailers and clips video. If you want to read the news later, you can send the news to Pocket app to read it later.

Just dig deeper, you’ll find more new features that will help you becoming a true movie freak. We put ‘User Review’ as first-class feature, so we add “Save as Draft” feature so that you can write a movie review and save it as draft to continue later.

To differentiate from Movreak Remake, we introduce a new icon for Movreak free. Here it is:

More details about new features and improvements are written clearly on App Store’s description. We’ll publish series of posts to discuss each key features in more details here and our Twitter stream. Like every human creation, software is impossible without bugs. Instead of getting angry about bug or crash and write about them anywhere, why don’t directly tell us by emailing to or mention us on Twitter handle @movreak. Only by that we’ll know and we can fix it at the soonest.

At last, please enjoy this Movreak version. Thank you so much for your patience and supports all this time. That’s the only thing that kept us going forward. We love you, Vreaks!

Last but not least, I give a high credit and thank very much to all great people behind Movreak. We’re a great team!

Best regards,

Andri Yadi
Movreak Creator

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