Movreak became one of the winners on Samsung Developer Competition 2013

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October 14, 2013
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December 31, 2013
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Movreak became one of the winners on Samsung Developer Competition 2013

Samsung Mobile, collaborated with DailySocial, was held the Samsung Developer Competition 2013 (SDC 2013) for all application developer in Indonesia. After a number of roadshow events, competitions, and talk show originating from the source and practitioners in various fields, SDC 2013 event have decided that Movreak has became one of the winners.

SDC 2013 contains a number of competitions for mobile app developers who develop Android applications. This competition presents three categories such as Lifestyle, Health, and Social which of the three categories in which the participants can freely develop applications with the features and benefits of any kind.

SDC 2013 event was originally going to end in June. Due to a very high enthusiasm from the public, this event was decided to be extended until August 31st and the judging process is scheduled to be due in September.

Winners and finalists will get the best facilities provided directly by Samsung as the organizer of the event. Samsung will distribute applications that have been created to spread through the Samsung Galaxy Station which has spread all over Indonesia.

Thanks to all Movreak guys and Movreak users that make it possible. This award is for you.

Read the news (in Indonesian) here

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