Sneak Peek: Upcoming Version of Movreak for iOS and Windows 8

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April 20, 2015
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May 5, 2015
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Sneak Peek: Upcoming Version of Movreak for iOS and Windows 8


Hola, Vreaks!

After months and months, finally we are going to release new version of Movreak for iOS and Windows 8.1. There are some cool new features on this release and now, we will give you some sneak peek on both releases.

Path Integration
IMG_4752We are going to have Path app integration into Movreak for iOS. So now, you can share your watching plan or movie review to your friends on Path. This feature is a big request from our users and we finally did it.Share Sheet support IMG_4749We’ve also added Share Sheet support on iOS 8 to make you easier sharing anything from Movreak to another app like posting a movie trailer to Path timeline.

New Watching Sheet


We’ve redesigned the Watching Sheet, an intuitive way to share your watching plan/movie review to your connected social media account.

Windows 8 App New Look


For Windows 8 users, we’re going to add lot of features that we already have before on other platform to Movreak for Windows 8. Later, you can do ‘Check Seat’ of any movie schedule you choose on selected theaters.

New version of Movreak for iOS is currently under reviewed by Apple’s App Store team. Meanwhile, new version of Movreak for Windows 8 is still under development and will come to you very soon. So, stay tuned!

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