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August 9, 2016
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Movreak: Slimmer and Sleeker

Back to 2010 the first released on iOS Movreak app by DyCode. As the one of earlier iOS adopter developer, DyCode have been success to earn any rewards for Movreak. Not yet satisified with this, DyCode’s focus be the iOS expert developer is reflected through constantly improving Movreak’s high calibre design and performance. Again and again after next major updated in 2012 Movreak was updated to Movreak Remake and become ‘The Best Local Application’ rewarded by Selular Award. Movreak Remake grow to DyCode flagship app, by introducing a larger collection of new features and functionality.

movreak update

During the process of our next update, we constantly fixed and performed minor updates. And today’s major updated design simplifies the platform, with tools and features designed to give users more focus and accessibility in using Movreak while providing the simplicity of apps use. With the sophisticated design to add more focus, again and again DyCode shape the ease for users. With sooth Movreak Lite evolves easier features access.

Movreak Lite: Slimmer and Easier to Use

In Movreak Lite, easily go through things you need by clicking Movreak icon. Now see the upcoming and which are currently showing on cinema movies, easier to find any theater near you with only fingertip, reading the updated news and receiving information regarding your usage of the app. Get more intimate with one foot bar, and your profile activity will be easier to control by the hand. Also to get the real experience with Movreak, get the simple sign in your social media account only by swipe connect button for share a review of your watched movies. Enjoy the simplicity, classy and soft designed by DyCode your trusthworthy iOS earlier adopter developer.

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